The Womens Fifa World Cup 2023 Semi Finals – Buckle Up, Footy Fans: Four Remain & They’re Hungrier Than Ever!

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Remember: Every good match is like a bag of popcorn; it’s over before you know it, but oh, the memories!

In the land down under and the home of the kiwis, it’s down to the sassy quartet out of the original 32 footballing divas. And let’s spill the beans; we’re having a brand-new queen crowned on 20 August!

Oh la la, Spain, with their signature salsa moves, danced their way into the semi-finals, showing the 2019 bridesmaids, the Netherlands, the exit door in some thrilling extra-time action. And guess what? They’re flaunting their semi-finalist debutante status!

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Sweden, not wanting to be left out, gracefully sidestepped Japan 2-1. Let’s take a moment and wave goodbye to the 2011 champs, shall we?

Meanwhile, our co-hosts, Australia, pulled off a cliffhanger, giving France the jitters by edging them out 7-6 in a penalty drama! Talk about a heartbeat skipper! Up next for them? The posh ladies from England who turned the tables on Colombia with a 2-1 scorecard.

So, before you drown in this flood of football frenzy, here’s your semi-final roadmap:

  • Spain vs Sweden – August 15, Eden Park, Auckland
  • Australia vs England – August 16, Stadium Australia, Sydney

Got the chills yet? Hold onto your footy hats!

Spain’s had a bit of a roller coaster, with a tiny hiccup against Japan but then going full Godzilla on Switzerland with a whopping 5-1 victory. The talk of the town? Miss Aitana Bonmati! With her, Spain’s got that zesty flair we just can’t get enough of.

Sweden? Oh boy, they’ve been locking down their defence tighter than a pickle jar. Goalkeeper Zecira Musovic is, hands down, one of the tournament’s standouts. While Captain Kosovare Asllani might be hobbling a bit, she’s the heart and soul of the Swedish brigade. Fun Fact: These teams had a friendly little dance-off last year, ending in a draw. The re-match will be a scorcher!

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And now, down in Sydney, the age-old rivalry: Australia vs England. Think of it as the cricketing Ashes, but with more goals and fewer wickets! The Matildas might be missing their talisman Sam Kerr, but they’ve shown they’re no pushovers. England, on the flip side, is riding high with only one defeat under Coach Wiegman. But hey, who did they lose to? Wink wink Australia!

While the stats and past meetings could hint at a result, remember, in football, anything goes! Australia has the home advantage, but will they have the final say against the Lionesses?

Final Whistle Thoughts: From thirty-two down to four, each kick, save, and goal has brought us here. As the semis beckon, so does the promise of exhilarating football. Whether you’re cheering from the stands or your couch, brace yourself; this showdown is set to be legendary! So, pick a side, wear your colours, and let’s dive into the beautiful game’s drama unfolding in Australia and New Zealand 2023. Cheers to the game we all adore!

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